What is PLR Content?

What is PLR Content?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.  Is it content that you can use to keep your online business current and fresh.

When you purchase PLR from us, you are buying rights to that content. This means that you can edit it in any way you want (or not at all!), put your name on it, and publish it in whatever form you desire.plr_articles

Examples include

  • articles
  • ebooks
  • blogs posts
  • special reports
  • email messages/auto responders
  • twitter/facebook posts
  • newsletter articles
  • kindle books

PLR content is purchased in bulk and is inexpensive, making it possible for you to use it to enhance your business, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and increase your bottom line.

Our articles are available for instant download, so you can start putting them to work for you immediately!

Ready to try PLR content in your online business?